How to post a ride

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How to post a ride

Post  dirtygirlz on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:48 am

All club members are welcome and encouraged to host rides!

There are two ways to post your ride in this forum:
- from the Calendar: click on little calendar icon for the date you want to post your ride (the posting will default to the "Rides where and when" forum)
- from the Forum: open the "Rides where and when" discussion. Click "New Topic"

Then give the ride a title and description (e.g. where, when, what time, ride style and level). Scroll down to the Calendar subsection and confirm or enter the "Calendar event" date. The "hour of the event" is the time your ride will start. "During" means how long how your ride will last. (The forum will automatically give an end time based on the duration you enter).

NOTE: if you would like to post an event to the Calendar OTHER THAN a ride, open the appropriate discussion (e.g. races, pub nights) and add a new topic there.


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